What our clients are saying about us

Digital Project Manager, Future Plc (London, Bath, San Francisco)

“Tim at UserDesign constantly amazed me with his industry insight and original approaches to various design problems. He consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to success.

Tim leads by example and many people within our team found his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. He was always able to successfully complete any tasks with excellent results, despite deadline pressure and held his own as UX Lead.

Besides being a joy to work with, Tim is a take-charge person who was able to present creative solutions to complex design requirements, and communicate the benefits to our company and stakeholders. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him at Future Plc”

Director, Data Analytics & Optimisation, Morewood Consulting (London)

“I was lucky enough to be able to work with Tim from UserDesign within the Future family and from the very start he applied his UX and design expertise to a wide range of differing projects across the eCommerce function and became a great asset to the whole business.

In particular, his user centric approach to re-designing almost the entirety of www.MyFavouriteMagazines.co.uk site (heavily making use of Optimizely to test, test and test again) drove up conversion on every aspect he worked on.

I’d happily recommend UserDesign for their testing and design services to anyone”

Product Manager, CBS Interactive (San Francisco)

“Tim’s work brings together the best in UX. He combines an interaction designer’s intuitive sense for user behaviour with a visual designer’s keen eye for style. The result is crisp, clean user interfaces that not only work but that look great too”

Head of E-commerce, Ted&Muffy (Edinburgh, London, Bath)

“Tim is an extremely bright and talented web designer with a particular specialism in UX. Tim has a mixture of corporate, boutique retail and freelance experience that sets him apart and allows him to think commercially and in terms of creativity and design, when working for clients via his UserDesign company”

CEO, Special Olympics International (Dublin)

“We were thrilled that Tim spent time working with Special Olympics Ireland. As part of a global sports organisation with charitable status and many diverse stakeholders, we host many sports events and competitions in addition to continually fundraising to sustain the programme. Tim did an excellent job designing event brochures, tickets and online web portals and the did a great job developing a new Special Olympics e-zine/newsletter – sent out to thousands of people.

He also helped to re-design and re-work the educational Moodle CMS portal. Tim demonstrated excellent project management skills, keeping the brand and campaign intact and worked on both design offline & online (i.e. print and web). He worked well within a team and I have no doubt will be a tremendous asset to any organisation that need to avail of the aforementioned skills, and more recently his flare for user experience having set up UserDesign”

Senior Marketing & Fundraising Executive, Oxfam (Dublin)

“Tim was always incredibly professional but also showed great creativity and skill. He gave great contribution and I would recommend him as a web developer and user experience designer”