Golden Joystick Store


Digital download gaming store connected with the Golden Joystick Awards (leading industry gaming awards). A brand new concept  offering the highest quality games at the best prices – with quality reviews from and, both high trafficked sites with solid brand recognition.


Design and create an online platform for downloading games via the Golden Joystick store, providing a Steam key. Create a seamless experience to enable users to download games  cross platform (for PC, Mac, Linux, mobile and tablet friendly).


  • Agile / scrum / sprint methodology
  • UX Consultant Lead
  • Product Lead
  • Tech Lead
  • BA (Business Analyst)
  • Senior Designer
  • Junior Developer


4 months.
August – November 2015


PC Gamer and GamesRadar wanted an outlet to sell downloadable games. The challenge required brainstorming, conceptual designs, user research and wireframing right up to prototyping and bridging the front-end to the back-end. This was an complete solution built from the ground up with the objective of offering the best games, at the best prices.

The first port of call was to assess existing competitors via remote testing and asking existing gamers. This gave us good insight and feedback in to what gamers are looking for in the market – be it novices, avid gamers or users brand new to the industry.

Throughout all of these processes we worked within an agile, scrum environment having daily stand-ups and meetings ensuring the robustness of the original brief remained intact, and all parties including internal designers, developers and business stakeholders were engaging with the project.


An array of research was completed at the beginning of the process – mainly competitor analysis to ascertain current market conditions and user feedback on existing solutions – such as,, and (all market leaders in the downloadable game space).

We looked at the whole journey – from direct traffic or Google and SEO perspective i.e. users could type in “fallout 4 digital download” where the descriptive text, title for the page needed to be considered as part of the journey to get users to the correct site/landing page to minimise bounce rate and user disappointment.


Users wanted:

  • Competitive pricing for downloadable games
  • A quick, simple journey to retrieve Steam key to download the game product
  • Reliable and accessible customer service
  • Manageable “My Account” / “Library” area to see past and current purchases
  • Fun, interactive interface
  • Efficient email trigger system (delivering download link / key / purchase updates)

Once we had identified the clear target points, user journeys and personas, we began to develop prototypes and designs for a new home and product page.


Several prototypes and designs were developed, mostly high-fidelity as we knew users were after a visually appealing design and craved a simplified route to purchase.

For every iteration of the home page we tested remotely with at least 6 users, comparing the experience to competitors to help reach a conclusive design and prototype to test.

They were shown the wireframes, initial concepts and competitor sites for comparison.

Using the same methodologies as above, we quickly achieved a revised design which was then put out for testing – with the focus on the home / category page experience and product page. The goal was to keep the graphics, layout and journeys simple, lessening the likelihood of user purchase error.



  • Successfully launched on time and on budget
  • Initially there has been no reported errors and journey interruptions across the site
  • Works seamlessly cross platform and device (iOS / Android / OSX / Windows / Chrome / Safari / IE)
  • Social and affiliate marketing (from has led to substantial traffic to the site, and led to thousands of online purchases and game downloads
  • This new product is now a massive revenue driver, taping into the niche that is downloadable games


As a brand new product, this solution will now be subject to ongoing testing – be it remote, lab or guerrilla testing. This will ensure the experience is up-to-date with users expectations and the latest innovations by competitors. This should refine the experience going forward.


Adobe Photoshop, Axure, OmniGraffle, InVision, Optimizely, paper sketching, Google Analytics, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, guerrilla lab remote user testing, Adobe Illustrator, Multivariate A/B testing, UI visual design, retina assets, workshops, popcorn sessions, agile, scrum, responsive design, mobile, tablet, prototyping, NetSuite SuiteCommerce CMS, stakeholder meetings, storyboarding, accessibility, usability studies