EE – Add To Plan – New Proposition

Affordable premium accessories

EE wanted to sell premium accessories to customers via their digital channels, having previous only sold in-store. They wanted to make high cost accessories more accessible to customers by introducing accessories to both acquisition and upgrade customers online, allowing them to spread the cost over 11 months  with their phone plan. With no fees and no interest, it is an attractive proposition.

Part of a wider programme this project required complex and high-fidelity prototypes to assist in demoing to developers and stakeholder on how to implement the experience.

Desktop Prototype / Wireframes

Desktop – Low-Fidelity Prototype (grayscale) – End-to end journey >
Desktop – High-Fidelity Prototype (colour) – End-to end journey >

Mobile Prototype (for iterative testing)

Mobile – High-Fidelity Prototype – End-to-end journey >

UI Design / Live Screenshots

Visual Design Deck (p: Mincepie) >


  • Increase of sales by 400% with the introduction of the new digital channel
  • Over 6500 accessories sold during the first year of the add to plan propistion
  • Marketing leading – the only telco company to offer premium accessories along with your mobile phone contract
  • Now moves onto Phase 2 for further optimisation